The Ocicat

The Ocicat may look wild but are atually playful, and curious. Ocicats resemble Ocilots, an endangered wildcat. The Ocicat is the first non-wild cat breed to resemble a wild cat. The Ocicat was bred by accident in 1964 whena breeder crossed a Siamese and a Abyssinian. He thought it would create a Abyssinian pointed Siamese. but found wild looking cats with grey spots.The breeder named it an Ocicat, named after an Ocilot. Ocicats are preety healthy, except for some dental issues. Beacause of their intellegnce they quickly learn to respond to their names, come on command, and beg for food. Ocicats enjoy human, and animal companian. They are an active breed and need plenty of toys to keep them occupied. Ocicats can be grey or orange.

An Ocicat

The American Shorthair

All American Shorthairs are medium in size. They aren't to cuddly not to independent, not couch potatos not to hyperactive. they are the perfect pet for anyone who wants a cat in their lap, but not in their face. American Shorthairs are known for their quiet voices. American Shorthairs are sociable, easily trained, and adapt well to other animals and children. They ussualy don't like to be picked up. They make great companions in terms of health, strength, and vitality. With proper care, Shorthairs have a life span between 15 to 20 years. Shorthairs can be grey or orange.

An American Shorthair

The Siamese

The Siamese cat is the oldest domestic feline. They are known as the most vocal house cat. In Ancient Siam the Siamese cat was sacred. They are long skinny with big blue eyes. Their eyes can be any shade of dark blue and some Siamese cats are cross eyed. All Siamese cats are born white and develop their coloring later on.Their coloring is beutiful. The Siamese cat draws attention no matter where it goes. They are a healthy breed and are short haired.Siamesecats make great house pets, but don't excpect aqueit house with this pet. Siamese cats constantly meows.

The turkish angora

Turkish Angora's are dog like. Some respond to voice command and some can play fetch! They are chatterboxes and are very helpful. They are usually white, but can be many other colors. Turkish Angora's were first noticed in the mountains of Angora, Turkey. Angora's have almond shaped eyes and a beutiful, silky long coat. in fact some scientists belive that the Turkish Angora is the Originator of the long haired gene in all long haired cat. The eyes of a Angora can come in any color And somtimes more than one color on a single cat! They are also known for their long tuffed ears. Angora's don't need much grooming and are a healthy breed. They can live 15 to 20 years.

The Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is a quiet, well behaved cat. The Russian Blue are one of the smartest cats. It's a loyal gental little cat that does not like strangers.But once he know you're his trusted pal(Which he will decide)there is no turning back with the relationship. They like staying in a consistant home and has existed for centeries. They are very active. The Russian Blue is really poppular but not super abundunt. He needs to be groombed once or teice a week.

A Russian Blue

The Siberian is the national cat of Russia. THey are big cats, but they can jump really high. The Siaberian is one of the biggest house cats. And it's not unusual for them to weigh 20 pounds. because of their size it can take 5years to reach full maturity. They have large upturned eyes. They have an arched back because their hind legs are longer then their front legs, which makes them very athletic. Their coat can come in any combination and has three dense layers. They are halthy cats that shed a lot.

A Siberian